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Welcome to the gallery! Take a look at my past work, from entire outfits to accessories to alterations.
A person kneels in the snow with a dog. They wear a blue and red Revolutionary War soldier's coat, a white waistcoat and breeches, and a white undershirt by Solstice Handspun.
This Revolutionary War ensemble includes shirt, waistcoat, breeches, and jacket and features hand-cast pewter buttons. The shirt as well as the waistcoat and upper jacket lining are made of linen, while the outers are made of wool. The red trim is a wool/silk blend and the buttonholes are handsewn in waxed linen thread.
Two brides on their wedding day. Alterations for the dress and the vest done by Solstice Handspun.
Alterations for this vest and wedding dress helped these brides look their best!
A utility knife next to a handmade leather sheath. Sheath made from scratch by Solstice Handspun. Knife by Grouchy Mongol Designs.
A handmade knife deserves a good sheath! This leather sheath is formed to the knife and is carved with a number of designs to make it unique.
A wig head dressed in a dark brown wig and beard. Beard made by hand from scratch and wig styled by Solstice Handspun. Original wig from Epic Cosplay.
This wig was cut and styled for a Halloween costume, and the beard was custom designed and hand knotted in matching weft hairs.
From the underdress to the cloak and veil, every piece of this cold weather ensemble was handmade and handsewn. Inspired by Early Medieval Anglo-Saxon clothing, it is made from linen and wool and is quite warm! Spinning is done in the distaff style in keeping with contemporary Anglo-Saxon practice.
A robe in the Yuan style. Pattern and work done by Solstice Handspun based on research done by customer.
This Yuan style coat and trousers were made based on research done by the customer and adapted to my skillset. The trousers are made in green silk lined in pink cotton and the robe is made of fine teal linen trimmed in green silk, with an inner belt of leather.
A white shirt in the Tudor style with standing collar and cuffs by Solstice Handspun.
This Tudor style shirt is made in crisp white linen. It features a standing collar and heavy gathering at the neckline and wrists, with ties to close.
A man wears a yellow woolen hood handsewn by Solstice Handspun.A man wears a blue hood handsewn by Solstice Handspun in the style of the Skjoldehamn hood.
These hoods were cut by the customer but handsewn by me. The yellow hood is done in a style fusing a couple different inspirations, from early European gored hoods to the later rounded hem designs. The blue hood adheres more strictly to the earlier gored design and is modeled on the hood found at Skjoldehamn.
A man holds up two medieval tunics in matching colors. One is blue with green trim and the other is green with blue trim, both by Solstice Handspun.
These tunics were made as a matching set to replace a tunic that was on its last days. They were made in matching contrast material and feature keyhole necklines, neck, cuff, and hem facings, and minimal seams.
A person wears a beige knitted cabled sweater designed and made by Solstice Handspun.
This knitted wool jacket is based on a commercial pattern but was heavily modified, with additional shaping and cabling added as well as a hood.
Linen long braies and blue woolen split hosen by Solstice Handspun.
This set of long braies and separate hosen were designed for a 13th century English ploughman's outfit. The hosen are held up by ties that connect to the waistband of the braies!
A person about to shoot an arrow wears a periwinkle linen dress and a white veil handsewn by Solstice Handspun.
This handsewn ensemble is designed to evoke early medieval European aesthetics while also allowing for easy movement on the archery range, which was not a difficult conversion! The dress, veil, and archery glove are all patterned and handewn by me.
This green dress was inspired by fantasy and medieval European designs. It is made of linen with synthetic green and gold trim and features a gored skirt.